Travel to Rokiškis, Lithuania

travel to rokiškis, lithuania

I was looking forward to go to Rokiškis, and it didn’t disappoint. There are multiple manor houses to visit, such as Ilzenbergas manor with a full modern farming business, Salos manor with a restaurant and the big Rokiškis manor house, with exceptional interiors and a museum that is worth the time spent there.
Sartai Regional Park also had some beautiful lake views, I should come back there for camping or to see Sartai horse race in winter 🙂

I’m Justina and I’m travelling around all 60 municipalities of Lithuania, a small country in the north east of Europe. 🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹

Disclaimer: None of my videos are sponsored, I choose to visit each of places mentioned based on my own research of the region and my interest.

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